From the home page you can navigate the entire site by the headings:


At the bottom of this page, you will have a variety of information such as visits nearby and the location of our guest house.


You can view the overall presentation of the house, sites to visit, services offered and staffing of common areas.


In this section, you will walk away with a result and make your best choice freely.
Once your choice is made, you can book directly by clicking on the icon "Book now".

A new page opens you will a glance see the reservation status of the apartment you have chosen.
If the desired period is free (sky blue) you can select your date of arrival and your date of departure, and specifying the number of persons present during the stay.

f the desired period is not free (Red), select nevertheless your date of arrival, departure and the number of persons present and verify the availability. You will have an error message indicating you that the period is not available, however, the system is going to propose you for your desired period, the available rooms (in blue) .

Again, click "Book now", you arrive at your estimate.

If the quote suits you, you can then follow the steps to verify your stay, to payment methods:

Step 1: Quote Validation
Step 2: identification of the traveler
Step 3: Validation of contract documents
Step 4: Rules of your stay (among four payment options offered)
Optionally, you can select if you wish, your transfer request.

The "TRIP INFORMATION" page appears, fill in the required fields, if you are not able to complete them.

You can dice you have the elements. Check the exact certified statement, then click APPLY.


Upon acceptance, you arrive on the "PAYMENT" page.
Several modes of payment available to you:

international bank transfer. Your transaction fees are your responsibility.
Western Union, online payment or postal office your transaction fees are your responsibility
For a quick confirmation of your reservation, it is advisable to return to us by Mail your transfer order of proof or WesternUnion.
The balance will be settled in cash upon arrival.
After payment, you can complete the TRAVEL INFORMATION form and view and print your invoice, access plan from the "My Account" tab.

Do not hesitate to contact our booking service "" if you wish to make a special request or simply do not fully métriser online booking.

Hoping to welcoming you soon, please accept my cordial greetings.