The Guest Table DAR R'bat
Tunisian cuisine is a delicious blend of spices and amazing flavors. Try our recipes, you are promised a culinary colorful journey.
To serve you in good conditions the guest table on demand, this requires warn us 24 hours in advance that you want lunch or dinner. We offer a scalable menu with 3 starters, 3 main courses and 3 desserts. Of course if you want a room with half board or full board we can make you a quotation according to your needs this requires contact us by email directly.
Tunisian Couscous
A good spicy couscous, to have a good time with family taste.
The Chorba
A version of the property we chorba! A full soup flavors to discover and cook at home.
Vegetable couscous
Tunisian couscous consists of little known, there are a multitude according parties, regions, especially the season and depending on the mood of the cook.
Assida to zgougou (Aleppo pine seeds)
Tunisian cream recipe prepared with pine seeds Aleppo hmmmmm sooooo delicious!
Small fried bread, potato garnished cooked with water, tuna, olives, harissa and boiled eggs ... typical Tunisian!